My name is Ryszard Krasowski. I was born in Poland in 1950. After graduating from High School I became a member of Polish National Sing and Dance Group "Mazowsze" performing on various stages around the world.
Painted by Ryszard KrasowskiThen I worked for Polish National TV editing news, documentaries, music and what not.

In 1986 I came to America looking for a brighter future. Learning English was one of the most important things for me to accomplish and before long I was ready to impress everybody with my achievements in that field writing short essays about my experience in this country. I was given a chance to become a writer, publishing my short stories in Dan's Papers, Hampton magazine, The Southampton Press, El Mensajero, The Literacy Volunteers of America books "Speaking to one another" and "Reading for life", The Florida Villager.
In 1993 I took a pencil in my hand and drew a portrait of my mother. That was the beginning of my adventure with art supplies: pencils, brushes, paints, canvases, bristol...

Big art galleries weren't interested in showing my work but I was able to find a few walls where I could get my name noticed:

My work has been published in the local papers including The Southampton Press and the Hampton magazine. Great numbers of my portraits are in private collections in the Hamptons, New York City and Connecticut.